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As the size of this special, commemorative issue was already well beyond the usual Lucidity Letter/Lucidity annual guidelines, the decision was made not to include current Letters to the Editor or Book Reviews sections this year. Our new annual format will have plenty of space to catch up on these in the 1992 issue. Among the books that will be reviewed at that time will be Dream Images: A Call To Mental Arms, by Jayne Gackenbach and Annette Sheikh; Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming, by Stephen LaBerge and Howard Rheingold; and a soon-to-be-released book on Christ-encounters and encounters with the Light (in waking as well as dreaming states) by G. Scott Sparrow and Mark Thurston. A cumulative index of all Lucidity Letter and Lucidity articles will be published in the 1992 issue. Our usual bibliographical update follows; a cumulative bibliography is tentatively scheduled for 1993.