Experimentation With the Vortex Phenomenon in Lucid Dreams


  • Kenneth Moss


The "vortex phenomenon" is an experience in which there is the sensation of whirling through a vortex. . . . The commonly reported "tunnel experience" I feel is a subsection of the fully developed vortex. This phenomenon and various equivalents have been reported as an associated finding in a variety of situations such as neardeath experiences, out-of-body experiences, artistic works, mystical experiences, drug-induced hallucinations (Siegal, 1977), epileptic and schizophrenic twilight states (Mayer-Gross, 1969), hostage hallucinations, hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations, and dreams. It is usually transitional in nature and sometimes associated with feelings of bliss, creativity and the sense of a new beginning or of a major advancement. Early in my lucid dreaming research, this phenomenon occurred sporadically; following my increased interest, it occurred approximately five to ten times a month.






Part I: The Experience of Lucid Dreaming