Flying Dreams and Lucidity: An Empirical Study of Their Relationship


  • Deirdre Barrett


A common observation in the lucidity literature is an association between lucid dreams and flying dreams.In Van Eeden's paper in which he introduced the term "lucid dream", he wrote, "Flying or floating in all forms of generally an indication that lucid dreams are coming" (p. 449; Van Eeden, 1913). Patricia Garfield also noticed that flying dreams tended to occur in close proximity to lucid dreams and suggested that one can make use of this relationship to cultivate lucidity:"Induce dreams of flying and you are on your way to lucid dreams" (p. 133; Garfield, 1974). Celia Green reported that all her lucid dreamers refer to flying dreams, several of them describing that the flying prompted lucidity, while one intentionally used the occurrence of lucidity to initiate flight (Green, 1968). Other lucid dream accounts seem to have a high rate of flying (Sparrow, 1976; LaBerge, 1985).






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