Beyond Lucidity? Healing Through Nonlucid Dreams. A Personal Report


  • Anja Savolainen


Lucidity is nowadays often presented as an indispensable goal for all who want to use their dreams for personal transformation. No one seems to point out the possibility of dangers involved at least for some of us. Like Jung said “What sets one free is a prison for another”. We do not all eat the same kinds of foods nor do we read the same kind of books -why should we dream along the same lines? Nearly every one speaks about different techniques to achieve more lucid dreams, but what about those who may need to get rid of theirs?

I am an active dream-worker but am now developing farther and farther away from lucidity, because of the negative effect lucid dreams had on my health. I don’t think that I am the only one: there must be others with similar experiences, perhaps even those who have health problems without knowing that the cause may lie in their lucid dream experiments. Perhaps my experiences are of value to them.






Case Studies