Locating Socail Support for Young LGBTQ Cancer Survivors in Edmonton & Northern Alberta

  • Meghan Duffy MacEwan University


This study examined the social support resources that are available for young adult LGBTQ cancer survivors in Edmonton and Northern Alberta. A search was conducted for both cancer-related LGBTQ support and general LGBTQ social support. The appropriate sources were located, examined, and categorized according to type and location. The results of the search revealed 20 sources of social support for young LGBTQ adults within Edmonton and Northern Alberta. Only 5 of the sources located were specifically related to cancer all of which were online sources of support. Four of these organizations were located outside of Canada. These results indicate a significant need for LGBTQ cancer related support, both within Alberta and throughout Canada. The findings also revealed a need for more LGBTQ community based organizations in Northern Alberta, as only two towns had such supports in place. 

Discipline: Sociology

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Diane Symbaluk