Existing Canadian Support Programs Available for Young Adult Survivors Suffering with Psychological Distress as a Consequence of Cancer

  • Lisa Sirman MacEwan University


The present study examined the existing Canadian support programs that are available for young adult survivors suffering with psychological distress as a consequence of cancer. A content analysis was performed on a sample of 28 resources and their associated support programs, which were selected from a sample selection process that entailed multiple search strategies. Results showed that there are different support programs offered within Canada or that are accessible to Canadians via the internet, this being based on whether one is available to meet in person or not, whether one wishes to engage with peers or professionals, and whether one desires to engage in a target-specific program or a program that generally addresses the issue of psychological distress together with other issues associated with survivorship. These findings demonstrated the availability and type of support programs existing that address psychological distress within young adult cancer survivors.

Discipline: Sociology

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Diane  Symbaluk