Belief, Fear and Infrasound

  • Tristan Eckersley MacEwan University


Infrasound is low frequency sound outside of the range of human hearing (<20Hz). Despite this, infrasound is still capable of affecting an individual’s arousal. In an attempt to build on previous research, the present study had participants explore a commercial haunted house in which there were a variety of fearful stimuli. Participants in this study were randomly assigned to either a condition of infrasound exposure prior to exploring the haunted house, or no exposure before exploring. The intent of this study was to look the effect of infrasound on fear. Participants fear and arousal were evaluated via self-report questionnaire, and through video footage from the participants’ direct point of view. Furthermore the effects of infrasound on physiological arousal were examined, both in terms nervous system activity as well as cardiovascular activity. In addition to these direct physiological measures. This data was also correlated with participant personality characteristics and any potential pseudoscientific beliefs that the participants may have held to control for any potential confounds. The researchers hypothesized that infrasound will lead to higher levels of arousal and fear associated responses than the non-infrasound condition.

Discipline: Psychology

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rodney  Schmaltz