Swipe Right for (Love)

Does Emoji Use Affect Perceived Intelligence in Online Dating?

  • Darcy Raymond MacEwan University


Emojis essentially serve the same purpose for computer-mediated communication as nonverbal behavior serves for face to face communication. The present exploratory study examines emoji use in a dating profile and its effect on perceived intelligence of the owner. The most interesting finding of this study was that profiles in the “Lots” condition, which contained 14 emojis that either replaced words or were random, were rated as being significantly less intelligent compared to control (no emojis) or any other condition. Implications for our study are discussed as the same “Lots” condition trended toward fewer overall “impressed” ratings, as well as, fewer mean ratings of interest for both short and long-term relationships by both men and women.

Discipline: Psychology

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Lynne Honey