The Weight of Thoughts and Beauty

A Study of the Book "Love Enough" by Dionne Brand

  • Amelie Dufresne MacEwan University


The poster series illustrates excerpts from Lia’s reflections on the weight of thoughts and beauty. Thoughts have weight, allowing them to linger, yet beauty has no weight and is inherently fleeting. Each poster states a different fact about the weight of thoughts, beauty, or both. The posters can be viewed individually or as a unified series. The poster series is unified through identical typeface, its size and colour. The images also unify the series, through their subject and style. These images illustrate the beauty of nature; frost on the normally mundane grass and bare branches. However, frost inevitably melts away, it is fleeting just like beauty. Poster 1 shows the text falling down the poster, as if weight is causing the words to cascade down and pile up. The first word begins as horizontal, but it begins to fall as well. It is as if the words are weighted thoughts. Poster 2 represents the fleeting nature of beauty as the text and image disappear towards the outsides. Poster 3 illustrates the damage that Lia would like to be subjected to through gradual increase and decrease in broken words, where “damaged” is the most broken, and “Lia” and “beauty” are intact which indicates their unbroken states.

Discipline: Design Studies

Faculty Mentor: Constanza Pacher