Resources and Services that Provide Parenting Options to Infertile Post-Cancer Individuals Who Live in Canada

  • Rebekah Fortier MacEwan University


This study investigated current services and resources available to Canadian cancer survivors who suffer from infertility due to their treatment. A sample of 20 cancer organizations and service providers that contained information and/or physical services that provided support for infertile survivors. The researcher then categorized the content found on infertility further to be either a form of counselling, medical procedure, research/study, and/or adoption. Counselling resources were the most dominant service to be found in this study, followed by medical procedures. These findings are significant, as counselling may offer services in coping with becoming infertile, but does not directly aid in the process of becoming a parent post-cancer.

Discipline: Sociology

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Diane Symbaluk