Students' Attitudes Toward Reading Break

  • Robbie Lepp MacEwan University


There is ongoing discussion in universities about the purpose of Reading Break. Students have advocated for a week-long break in the Fall semester across the country as a way to alleviate stress and increase mental well-being; however, very little research has been done to examine these issues. The current study assessed student opinions regarding the Winter 2018 Reading Break at MacEwan University, with students responding to numerous qualitative and quantitative questionnaire items regarding academic and mental health issues surrounding Reading Break. They also reported their own level of well-being. Data will be analyzed to document students’ opinions regarding various potential advantages and disadvantages of conceptualizing Reading Break as a reprieve from academic activities in the service of mental health, and will also examine whether current level of student well-being is predictive of their opinions toward Reading Break. This research serves as an empirical starting-point for better understanding students’ perspectives of the purpose of Reading Break and, potentially, for initiatives to be taken within universities regarding how Reading Break is conceptualized.

Discipline: Psychology

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Andrew Howell