After Supports for Cancer-Bereaved Children

An Analysis of Resources for Children in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  • Brenan Molzahn MacEwan University


This study identified 34 psychological resources (26 in Edmonton and 8 in Calgary) of benefit to children and family members who have lost a parent to cancer. Of these resources, 18 were specifically designed for cancer-bereaved children and families while 16 of the resources were more general in scope, targeting bereaved children and families, irrespective of the parent's cause of death. Only 10 resources for cancer-bereaved children were located in Edmonton, stemming from 2 major organizations. These findings indicate that not many organizations, particularly in Edmonton, have resources specifically designed to help bereaving children undergoing the intense manifestation of psychological distresses that may develop from the loss of a parent to cancer.

Discipline: Sociology

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Diane Symbaluk