A Terrorist Or A Criminal? It’s Your Choice

  • Erica Tabachniuk MacEwan University


Terrorism is becoming more prevalent in the world today. We see this through mass shootings, suicide bombers and vehicular explosions. Healthcare profession will be called upon to provide care to all people involved in these acts, including the perpetrator. Many health care professionals are likely ethically and emotionally unprepared for providing health care to terrorists. It is important to consider the potential ethical dilemma that may arise; whether the healthcare provider is obligated to care for a terrorist like any other patient that may be in their care. It is important to consider that regardless of personal values and beliefs of the healthcare professional and of society, terrorists are still entitled to medical care through the International Humanitarian Law. Like any other criminal, murderer or rapist who inflicts harm, terrorists are still protected by this law, and obligated to receive treatment in an ethical and humane way. In hopes of uncovering the underlying issue of terrorists rights to medical treatment and how it impacts nursing care, this poster will help guide future recommendations and research for those healthcare providers caring for terrorists.

Discipline: Nursing

Faculty Mentor: Lisa McKendrick-Calder