Female Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Violence

  • Farron Wielinga MacEwan University


The literature on intimate partner violence (IPV) has primarily focused on male perpetrators. Crime statistics and empirical research have shown that females also perpetrate violence against their partners. This presentation investigates the offence, perpetrator, and victim characteristics, as well as the prevalence of risk factors observed in a sample of 45 females who have perpetrated IPV and a matched sample of 45 males (based on age and prior criminal history). Data were obtained from a local police-reported domestic violence sample. The matched group did not differ in risk scores on two measures of IPV risk for recidivism, but had notable differences regarding the use of threats, weapons, and confinement at the index occurrence. Also, demographic differences emerged between the groups regarding their employment status, nature of their criminal histories, and their victims. Implications of these findings will be discussed with regards to identifying gender-specific differences when applying the RNR principles to female IPV perpetrators.

Discipline: Psychology

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sandy Jung