Mindful Materialists

The Influence of Mindfulness on Materialism

  • Seshlyn Singh MacEwan University


This study will examine the relationship between mindfulness and materialism, the endorsement of values and goals that focus on gaining possessions. A brief mindfulness induction will be compared to an unfocused attention induction with individuals high and low in materialistic desires. Materialism will be assessed using the Belk Materialism Scale and Material Values Scale. The Mindful Attention Awareness Scale will be administered after the induction as a manipulation check. It is hypothesized that mindfulness induction will have a significant reduction impact on individuals with higher scores of materialism. The mindfulness induction will have little influence on individuals with low scores of materialism. Further, individuals exposed to the unfocused attention will show little change.

Discipline: Psychology (Honours)

Faculty Mentor: Dr. David Watson