Just Get Started in Exercise

  • Zachary Thacker MacEwan University


Adherence to exercise programs has been shown to be notoriously difficult. The present study explores the efficacy of a technique known as “just getting started” (JGS) to promote exercise programs. JGS can be defined as attempting to begin an activity by first completing a small initial step that is required to perform that activity. Instead of looking at the activity as a whole, setting and completing a small goal initially may make it easier to carry on with the rest of that activity. Healthy volunteers will be asked to create weekly schedules and state their intended amount of exercise. Alongside scheduling, half of these volunteers will also be instructed to use the “just get started” tactic when they don't feel like exercising. Volunteers will be given a logbook containing blank scheduling sheets and an index of habit strength to fill out after each exercise session. We hypothesize that students who are advised to schedule their exercise activities and use the “just get started” tactic will be more likely to adhere to an exercise program and be more satisfied with their exercise routine.

Discipline: Psychology (Honours)

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Russ Powell