Love Enough (Book of the Year)

  • Kristina Ambrose MacEwan University


Love Enough by Dionne Brand is a book that gives a glimpse into the lives of diverse people in Toronto. Throughout the book, Brand showcases her poetic background, which can be seen when she describes the imagery of Toronto. Love Enough shows the reality of love; it shows the reader each character’s struggle with it.
Toronto is home in the book; the map of city is seen on both posters showing that it is one of the main characters in the story. The heavy black lines seen on the posters, symbolize the foundations that Da’uud taught Bedri, The posters connect, making a larger map of the city. One can see the lines become thinner and less substantial in the next poster. This represents the growing distance between Bedri and his father. The car represents Bedri, as he’s running away from his father. The quote chosen encompasses the whole theme of the book; the struggle each character has with love. Black, grey, and white are the colours chosen, because it references to the expression “Not everything is black and white.” This reinforces the idea that love isn’t just black and white; love is a complicated whirlwind people experience in life.

Discipline: Design Studies

Faculty Mentor: Constanza Pacher