E-commerce and Zapato Sanchez, Custom Shoes: Research and Exploration

  • Sabrina Capito MacEwan University
  • Maria Garcia MacEwan University
  • Xie'En Hu MacEwan University
  • Marla Santiago MacEwan University
  • Teagan Zwierink MacEwan University


As e-commerce platforms expand, local businesses are trying to keep up and grow alongside the bigger companies. This research project explored the role of e-commerce and custom-made artisanal dress shoes for a local Edmonton business, specifically if advertising on social media platforms would allow for sales growth. This study followed a three phase structured research approach that utilized focus group discussions, a questionnaire, and a literature review. Preliminary research was made to better understand the custom shoe industry and the desires of the current markets shopping criteria for shoes. The questions explored the criteria and decision-making tools used by the targeted market when purchasing men’s dress shoes. Further questions were posed to find the viability of an e-commerce platform for custom made shoes and the opinion on marketing this product on social media. Findings from the focus group and questionnaire found that the respondents were not receptive to an e-commerce platform and that Edmontonian’s are unaware of the custom shoe market in the city. Finalized results showed that in order for the business to achieve online sales, there must be a shift in target market and increased brand awareness within the Edmonton area. By moving from the Traditionalist age segment to generation Y, it was shown that they have the most promise for the business in terms of future sales both online and in-store. And by increasing awareness it will promote continual growth from generation Y onwards.


Faculty Mentor: Fernando Angulo-Ruiz

Department: Marketing