Bioassay-Guided Phytochemical Screening of Albertan Weed Plants

  • J. Duncan Giebelhaus MacEwan University


There is an urgent need for novel antimicrobial drugs due to the growing prevalence of antibiotic resistant microbes. Plant-derived antimicrobial drugs are relatively new in western medicine and represent a novel set of chemicals that have the potential to contend with this issue. This study evaluates chemicals derived from Albertan weeds, invasive plant species that are wreaking havoc on our ecological communities, to assess for the presence of useful antimicrobial compounds. These active chemicals have the potential to be developed into new antimicrobial drugs to treat antibiotic resistant bacterial infections, thus transforming atrocious weeds into a pristine source of pharmaceuticals.


Faculty Mentor: Kimberley Harcombe and Tina Bott

Department: Biological Science (Honours)