Globalization, Sex Tourism and Economies of Desire: A Sociological Analysis

  • Brooke Munsterman MacEwan University


The commercial sex industry is a multibillion-dollar industry dominating the global marketplace in the twenty-first century. Pornography, escort services, exotic dancers, sex tourism and brothels; the desire of sex are rampant. Research regarding sex tourism portrays the sex worker and sex tourist as marginalized and liminal actors who are engaging in the production and consumption of a sexual service. This presentation will address two specific issues. Firstly, it will examine the relationship between globalization and commodification of sex. By examining the growing commodification of sex as a product of or response to globalization, we can better understand the cultural, economic and political forces underlying sex tourism. Secondly, I will discuss sex tourism within the context of labor and human rights.


Faculty Mentor: Korbla Puplampu

Department: Sociology