Comprehensive Falls Analysis at a Long-Term Care Facility

Trends and Recommendations

  • Melanie Pan MacEwan University


Falls among seniors 65 years of age and older have become a significant health issue in Canada. Residents living in long-term care facilities are a population of particular concern. This issue has emphasized the need for quality improvement initiatives aimed at falls prevention to enhance the quality of life and care for those directly impacted. For my NURS 479 leadership course, I conducted a comprehensive 2018 falls analysis for a long-term care facility in Edmonton. Data was collected and analyzed using Microsoft Excel looking into trends and recommendations for improvement. A falls tracking tool that aligned with Alberta Health Services reporting requirements as well as current best practices was also developed. This project was concluded with a presentation to relevant stakeholders and final products were intended to improve the facility’s fall reduction program and inform future quality improvement projects at the site. In this presentation, I will be sharing my project findings and final deliverables. This project was developed in collaboration with my coaches (director of care and nurse educator) and other health care staff at the site as well as my course faculty mentor.

Faculty Mentor: Tanya Paananen

Department: Nursing