Characterization of Meis1b in a Zebrafish Model

  • Jesse Web MacEwan University


Meis gene products are regarded as integral cofactors of Hox developmental genes. Defects in Meis genes often mirror those of their associated Hox genes, reflecting the requisite nature of their interaction. Despite the importance of proper Meis expression, little is understood regarding the nature of various Meis homologs, including Meis1b. Research into the general Meis1 gene has implicated its role in craniofacial structure, hindbrain segmentation, heart and vascular formation, and limb development. Meis homologs frequently function in a redundant fashion, sharing many expression domains and functions. Despite this, Meis homologs have been conserved evolutionarily and thus often reflect some manner of unique functionality. In this study, we will aim to continue the research into Meis1 by determining if Meis1b performs similar functions. To do this, we will present a characterization of Meis1b in a zebrafish model which establishes its role specifically in vascularization and fin formation.


Faculty Mentor: Lisa Prichard

Department: Biological Science (Honours)