MacEwan Book of the Year Poster Series: This Accident of Being Lost


  • Alyssa Joe MacEwan University


This Accident of Being Lost is a contemporary reflection of the Anishinaabe worldview in Canada. Intertwining various short stories, poems, and songs, this book functions as an attempt to unite the Anishinaabe people collectively and ignite the desire to reclaim their Indigenous heritage. Colonialism’s long-lasting impact has negatively affected many Anishinaabe identities; these identities are enlivened in the posters through the personification of the texts. The first poster depicts fracturing of the collective Anishinaabe identity; a bold and unwavering statement is physically torn up even though there are still remnants of what used to be there. The second poster portrays a call to action within the Anishinaabe to regain their lost identities; the quote illustrates independence and acts as an unapologetic and assertive response towards Colonialism and Indoctrination. The last poster sets a conclusion to the collection. The words surrounding the more quiet and subtle quote depict the union of the Anishinaabe and their attempt to restore their culture and identity through storytelling, song, and poetry.

Presented in absentia on April 27, 2020 at "Student Research Day" at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta. (Conference cancelled)

Faculty Mentor: Constanza Pacher

Department: Design Studies