Asian Diaspora and Indigenous Allyship


  • Alysha Lakhani MacEwan University


Asian diaspora in the Americas has contributed to the oppression of Indigenous people. However, Asians are victims of colonialism and often come to the west due to circumstances out of their control. By subscribing to colonial-capitalistic world views, they are perpetuating colonial violence to Indigenous people.  The first-generation and immigrant settlers can be allies to Indigenous people by firstly recognizing how Asian's are complicit in the subjugation of Indigenous people. Second, we must educate ourselves on settler issues and how the history of colonialism in the west affects Indigenous folk to unlearn settler-colonialist ways of relating to the world. Last, we must listen to and back Indigenous communities and organizers. Society sees Asians as successful minorities; this success is partly due to profiting off stolen land but by becoming allies with Indigenous communities. If we learn to understand Indigenous world views predicated on respect for the earth, marginalized people can band together and work towards dismantling imperialism.

Department: Child and Youth Care

Faculty Mentor: Kelsey Reed





Child & Youth Care