Promoting Positive Change with Blood Glucose Entry Error and Documentation in Acute Care


  • Jadyn Scheck MacEwan University


In the clinical setting of NURS 479 leadership, the issue of incorrect blood glucose entry error and documentation arose as a challenge in regards to safe patient care in the nursing environment. Patient care had the potential to be affected in adverse ways. Risks of differing patient care plans, and the concept of unequal health equity came to be possible scenarios due to these errors. Stakeholders, and structural and human factors all played a part in the circumstances present, and from there, it was questioned what could be done to positively adjust this issue. Posters were created to be put in place within various locations of the clinical setting, striving to educate stakeholders, (nurses, physicians, management) and maintain the overall goal of decreasing blood glucose entry error and documentation. Three weeks following the poster implementation, the results revealed that there was a 3-5% decrease in cases of error. Therefore, the established intervention did create a positive change, by reducing the numbers of data entry error and documentation: overall patient management, care, and safety were improved. Going forward, it is important to keep in mind what actions do create meaningful change in the clinical setting, and what steps one can take as a nursing student when seeking to establish positive change. When concluding this project, the ability to be equipped with original information and education moving forward into future nursing practice was recognized. This presentation will overview the steps taken, outcomes determined, and evaluation of a NURS 479 Nursing Practice/Professional Roles project.

Department: Nursing

Faculty Mentor: Tanya Paananen