Evaluating Gender Inequity in Medicine


  • Brittany Wiseman MacEwan University


I examine the existing inequalities in healthcare and medicine in regards to gendered variation in treatment and access to medical resources or information. My goal of this independent research project is to identify specific areas of healthcare where there is variation in the quality of care received by patients as a result of their gender identity. I have employed an online survey that was distributed to a variety of platforms, with all genders encouraged to participate. The responses from this anonymous survey were compiled and examined in order to identify specific trends and areas of concern within the healthcare system. The survey predominantly consisted of short answer questions that were scored based on severity of response, with those responses then sorted according to the gender identity of the respondent. Special attention was paid to instances of marginalization, unequal access to resources or medical information, and any other form of discrimination, where there was variation in the quality of treatment received in medical settings in response to the gender of the patient. The results from the survey were then examined in the context of existing literature which discusses inequality in healthcare and medicine, and a statistical analysis was performed based on the data obtained.

Department: Biology

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Katie Biittner and Dr. Monica Davis





Biological Sciences