Copywriter Salary Trends:

Past, Present, and Future


  • Landon Kiltz MacEwan University


The researchers of this study attempted to learn more about the gender wage gap and why it affects the copywriter industry in particular. This initial inquiry led to testing for potential reasons for this discrepancy in pay such as personality, skills, and education. The target population for the research was copywriting professionals. The sampling for the survey was judgmental which allowed us to design a survey that was more accommodating to questions involving compensation. From our analysis, we confirmed that there is a statistically significant difference between male and female compensation, however, we also determined that years of experience is highly correlated with a larger salary. After 10 years there is a substantial increase in earnings. This finding is related to the price determinants that are used. High-earning copywriters price their projects based on outputs such as sales revenue generated by the copy.

Department: Business 

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Fernando Angulo-Ruiz