Event Essentials Strategic Marketing Plan:

Marketing Options for Event Management Services & Software Providers in the COVID Digital Age


  • Vasiliki Salmas MacEwan University


Our objective was to detect feasible and effective strategic marketing options for our community partner Event Essentials (EE), an event management software provider operating out of California, U.S.A. These strategic marketing options were chosen based on market research, internal and external analyses, and the client’s needs that were presented to us. Along with the implementation of the strategic options, our team curated targeting, positioning, and communications strategies that would fit within the strategic marketing plan for optimal results. The market research we conducted initially consisted of both secondary and primary data sources. After our initial proposal, our team decided to weigh the value of our primary data more heavily when evaluating the proposed strategic options. This data was richer and better suited the client’s issue(s). We obtained the primary data in interviews with a convenience sample of potential clients in the target industries. We believe that with the successful implementation of our strategic marketing plan and recommendations, Event Essentials will increase their brand awareness, reach, brand recognition, and new business development; Resulting in the sustained growth and success of their business throughout the COVID-19 era and beyond.

Department: Business 

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Fernando Angulo-Ruiz