Album Design:



  • Jay Berg MacEwan University


The component designs draw on themes of connection, contemplation, stillness, and motion. Blue aquatic hues and abstract lines invoke thoughts of flowing water or gusts of air, relating to the tile “Breath and Being.” When near water, it can calm and connect us, enhance self-discovery and insight, and even heal; these reflect ideas found throughout her music. The artist’s music encourages the listener to explore several emotions with her and be open and introspective. The music and visuals are tied together using water as a unifier. The jacket focuses on fluidity and motion. The lines create organic shapes that feel compelling and alive, flowing from one side of the album to the other like waves. This is a visual representation of the energetic or uninhibited self. A structured geometric typeface was used for the artist’s name, contrasting the background’s natural contours. A luminous pink brings attention to the name through contrast as the focal point. However, the album’s title also lives in the same space and exists in parallel, and brings the theme of connectedness forward. The typeface’s form is complementary to the name and has a light, geometric, and elegant feel that plays throughout the album design. Opposing the jacket, the insert takes a moment to catch a breath, a moment of introspection, and time to reflect on the contents using visual sparsity. Text and imagery are reduced in size, giving a light, airy appearance.

Department: Design Studies 

Faculty Mentor: Constanza Pacher