Welcome to the Installation:

Package Design for MacEwan's Book of the Year "Foe" by Iain Reid


  • Vik Chu MacEwan University


In Foe, author Iain Reid explores a crumbling marriage set in a sci-fi world. This project attempts to bring to life the Installation, a cutting edge space station on which the protagonist, Junior, spends two years as part of a research project. It imagines what a welcome package for Junior could look like when he first arrives:

Leaning against a gift box is a greeting card. “Welcome to the Installation, Junior!” He shivers at his name. Rendered in a bold serif font set on a black background, the text is warm and personal. Intended to reflect the success of OuterMore, it sends shivers up his spine instead.

The box itself is supple to the touch and ringed by a band of gold. Unaccustomed to such luxury, Junior catches his vacant reflection in the embossed varnish of his name on the lid. It is surprisingly heavy, and he finds himself setting it gingerly aside.

“Existence is achievable,” the insert reads. In the same bold weight of the greeting card, the words are meant to inspire, but Junior feels only his back aching. Flipping the card over, OuterMore’s slogan, “Go Farther, Be Better,” is featured under a cross section blueprint of the Installation. Junior is momentarily intrigued by the details. Below them is a list of the included gifts, followed by instructions to expect three more orientation seminars.

With a groan, Junior tosses the insert and drops heavily into a chair. How the hell am I supposed to sleep without Hen?

Department: Design

Faculty Mentor: Constanza Pacher