Altered Connection (Packaging Design/ Book of the Year "Foe")


  • Bridgette Crabbe MacEwan University


In the novel ‘Foe’ by Iain Reid one of the main underlying themes of the story is the relationship between Hen and Junior. Their relationship is altered when big city aerospace corporation OuterMore visits Junior. In which Terrance tells Junior he has been selected for an experimental space exploration project in which he will be one of the first individuals to temporarily live in the Installation.   The underlying struggle within the characters relationship was embodied through this concept card game design. Ideally made to be played upon after reading the novel. The game has a total of 30 cards, 3 levels, each card with a quote from the book and a question in relation to the quote. The game can involve as many people as one chooses, but ideally made for couples looking to have a deeper perspective in their relationship. The title of the game ‘Altered Connection’ is metaphorical to the change in Hen and Junior’s relationship after Junior returns from the installation, as well as the connection between Hen and replacement Junior, it isn’t a complete human connection, although it feels like it, it is altered.   The large rings on the front cover of the box represent how there are many layers within relationship. As well the rings in contrast with the background represent space and Junior’s departure. The rings are reflected on the the playing cards, the more rings the harder the question, the deeper into the game. The green flare on the cover reflects to the green headlights that appear through Hen and Junior’s window when Terrance first arrives. The wide range of colors used throughout the packaging design reflects aspects of space and the galaxy with the cool hues, and the vibrancy of the colors may represent the intense feelings one may experience through a relationship. Where each level can represent an emotion, the yellow and green in level 1 emitting a calm tone with more straightforward questions, then level 2 diving deeper into unthought of aspects of the players relationship and level 3 allowing each player to think about their role in the relationship and how it affects their significant other.   The game is one that may not appeal to every individual, but one for the individuals who enjoy the novel and are willing to take the risk and play the odds of their relationship.

Department: Design Studies 

Faculty Mentor: Constanza Pacher