Music Album Design "Kevin Dean"


  • Sohee Kim MacEwan University


This album cover is designed to evoke feelings of calm, slowness, and relaxation. For the illustration, the title ‘Going Down Slow’ is expressed in an abstract way. I was inspired by clefs which is a musical symbol used to indicate which notes are represented by the lines and spaces on a musical stave. The bass clefs, and the treble clefs have beautiful line weight. On the cover, the illustration’s thin lines and black parts are in harmony. There is softness coming from organic shapes, and squiggly lines help the viewers to feel the slowness. The color theme of this album is brown and black to bring a sense of comfort and relaxation. The brown is the perfect color to show the richness as it’s the color of chocolate and coffee, it could help to highlight the richness of the music. Also, the black and bold typeface of the title, help to express the richness of the music. The use of serif typeface (typeface with a small decorative line), evokes a feeling of jazz and blues.

Department: Design Studies 

Faculty Mentor: Constanza Pacher