A Creative Redesign of Daemonolgie


  • Joselyn Rose MacEwan University


This project was done under Professor Constanza Patcher and her Publication Design class over this past winter semester. It was a creative redesign for the old 500 year “Daemonologie” which was written by the King of Scotland at the time, James VI. The book is a detailed description of Witchcraft, and from a very legal and rational point of view from the Monarch himself; it is an attempt to rationalize how the practice works in the form of a dialogue between two characters, a Philomathes and an Epistemon, both characters meant to represent the rational and legal mindset that James wanted to approach finding and stopping Witches from. But there was another side to the book, one where James had written this book from his own paranoid experience with Witches. It started when it became known that several witches tried to kill him and his wife. And so, the book contains the very real danger that the witches possess according to James, in the form of vandalism that the witches have left behind.

Department: Design Studies 

Faculty Mentor: Constanza Pacher