The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Book Design)


  • Abbey Smith MacEwan University


Sherlock Holmes Book Design Sherlock Holmes, written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is a novel from the 1890s about a sharp-witted private investigator solving difficult crimes and murders in London, England. The book is a compilation of short stories all based on the darker themes of crime and murder. Based on these themes, my design leans toward the horror genre while still maintaining a relatable feel. The illustration style is meant to look linocut. The linocut look represents an older style of illustration to connect the 1800s when the book was written, however the look of the illustrations intends to bring the reader into the modern day. The X in the illustration represents the small details that Sherlock Holmes uses to solve his cases. The display type family used for the title and chapter titles is Charcuterie Etched. The etched style ties in to the linocut illustration style while also being a type family that could have been found in an old fashioned periodical or newspaper. This is important to the Sherlock Holmes books because the short stories were originally published in periodicals such as Ward Lock & Co and the Beeton’s Christmas Annual.

Department: Design Studies 

Faculty Mentor: Constanza Pacher