“Tree Rings” (Album Design Competition, Breath & Being Honourable Mention.)


  • Grace Zimmel MacEwan University


The design of this album cover evokes a sense of peace, wonder and reflection. This intimate look at the centre of a tree and its rings allows the viewer to reflect and connect with their own natural state of being. This self-reflective and vulnerable state that the viewer feels is just like the tree rings that are featured on the cover, they are hidden from view until we allow ourselves to open up and share with the world. In this album Roya invites her listeners to open up with her and share some intimate moments as they join her on this musical journey and get to know her. The design highlights that the cracks and hardships in our lives make us who we are and helps create and shape our very own state of being. This feeling of calm and connection are enhanced by the colour palette. The soft and light colours leave a sense of joy and comfort and allows the viewer to feel safe and content and will leave them feeling comfortable enough to open up and enjoy the connection and intimacy that comes from the album. Viewers are invited to sit back and enjoy as well as get up and dance as the intimate and deep conversations unfold throughout the album as they become a part of the forest.

Department: Design Studies 

Faculty Mentor: Constanza Pacher