Safety and Securty: ETS Ecosystem Map


  • Brett Johnson MacEwan University


This ecosystem map was designed to provide an increasingly granular look at the Edmonton Transit System through the use of layered information. The objective of the map was to be a flexible tool that could be easily added to as new information about the rider and ecosystem are uncovered. The ecosystem map is broken into the two stages ETS identified in a rider's journey; “The First Stop / Station Experience” — the rider is not on an LRT or bus, and the “Onboard Experience” — the rider is on an LRT or bus. Adding more complexity to the map are layers that can be turned on/off, expanding upon the information provided. The “Safety Concerns” layers provide an overview of the safety concerns in the relative area. The “Rider Feelings” layer provides insight into the rider's emotions within the ecosystem, which can affect their perception of safety and security. The “Touch points” layer expands upon the touch points on the map with additional information. The “Government / City” layer, highlights the local government's role.

Department: Design

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Isabelle Sperano