Queen of Hearts: Breaking the Grid


  • Angeline Santos MacEwan University


The story is designed in a way to show the containment of the characters. The characters are contained and have to follow the rules to avoid being beheaded by the Queen. The justification of the text aids in keeping the story and its content within a uniform line. This short story is filled with varying dialogue- the word silent interrupting the justified text creates an effect that accentuates the sudden change of the story, from constant talking to sudden silence. The repetition of the Queen helps express her demanding nature by using bold capitalized text to echo her voice. The placements of the repetitive text being outside of the body text show that the Queen overrules the rest of the characters that are contained in her kingdom. Expressing the Queen's demanding and bossy nature through bold capitalized text overpowers the rest of the character's dialogue. Using a variety of tints helps the body text be legible and creates depth within the words, helping accentuate the text's tone. The simplicity of the text aids in showing how the characters are equal, except for the Queen. The illustration of the paint bucket and the paintbrush refers to the gardeners at the story's beginning when they try to fix their mistakes.

The paint runs through words that represent the collective feelings of the characters when the Queen is near, anxiety or fear. The paint runs through the text adding visual interest and further accentuating the theme of the story.

Department: Design

Faculty Mentor: Constanza Pacher