Monday or Tuesday Book Design


  • Grace Zimmel MacEwan University


Monday or Tuesday is a collection of short stories by Virginia Woolf. This collection of stories is made to feel disorienting and distracting. It is Woolf's first attempt at her ‘stream of consciousness’ technique and makes the reader consider the mundane, daily life, and the passage of time. The fascinating part about this collection is that it makes you sit back and contemplate your own life as you are shown little snippets of the characters lives, thoughts, actions, and the scenes around them. The book’s overall themes are contemplation, mystery, and disorientation. The cover conveys these overall themes through its soft and muted colour palette. The soft colours give a sense of warmth and haze that contrasts sharply with the modern typeface on the cover. The type couples mystery and nostalgia through its elegancy, rounded shape, and balance of thick and thin line weight. The cover also showcases a long exposure portrait. The blurred nature of the face creates a sense of mystery and since her facial features are almost undetectable the viewer has the opportunity to see themselves in the image rather than the model. The inside of the book utilizes the same mystery and disorienting style of portraits at the beginning of each chapter. The chapter titles utilize the same typeface as the cover and creates a sense of unity and reminds the reader of the themes and emotions they saw or felt when looking at the dustjacket.

Department: Design

Faculty Mentor: Constanza Pacher