Parasocial Relationships and its 65 years of Evolution: Reevaluating the Accepted Definition


  • Cole Koch MacEwan University
  • Isaac Lamoureux MacEwan University


This research is to define and comprehend the primary effects of parasocial relationships with the aim of raising the discourse through a grounded theory approach. The research will explore different online platforms that may result in the manifestation of parasocial relationships: Twitch, YouTube, and Reddit. This research will focus on the users of the online platforms (not the creators). The research data gathering method will include multiple distributions of the same survey, interviews with users from the platforms, focus groups, and analyze existing data on parasocial relationships within the platforms. The goal is for the researchers' grounded theory to be supported by the collected data. This research will also explore how parasocial relationships have evolved historically; Such as, before the internet: how individuals formed parasocial relationships through the radio, through writing letters, through television, etc. This research is being conducted to critically evaluate the previous research that has been done on parasocial relationships and combine it with our current research to create a grounded theory and add to the discourse regarding parasocial relationships. This research also intends to define parasocial relationships and their effect on individuals.

Department: Communication

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Lucille Mazo





Communication Studies