Pupil: A Web-based Application for Grading Multiple Choice Exams


  • Courtney McNeilly MacEwan University


An alternative to Scantron exam grading, Pupil is a web-based application that allows for the grading of multiple choice bubble-style exams via the uploading of the scanned exams to a website where the results can then be downloaded directly. Pupil’s bubble-style exam sheets can be printed in the required quantities on regular paper, the exam administered, and thereafter graded all within a day, cutting the need for expensive and time-consuming Scantron infrastructure. Using a computer vision library and web-based technologies, the application is programmed to recognize the answers filled in by students, compare those to the provided answer keys, and to then provide results and reporting back to the Instructor via the same website. By reducing the time and costs associated with grading exams in an institution of MacEwan University’s size, it is estimated that a Scantron replacement could save the institution hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. It would also reduce the number of opportunities for human error as well as the security risk of having student exam information physically transported between multiple locations. The current turnaround time per exam is five to seven business days and, during peak exam periods, Pupil is able to return that same exam by the following day.

Department: Computer Science 

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Cameron Macdonell





Computer Sciences