Designing a low-cost, open-source, 3D interior space scanner


  • Matt Kantor MacEwan University
  • Darren Paetz MacEwan University


This project designed an open-source, low-cost 3D interior space scanner. The purpose of this design was to aid in making 3D scanning technology more accessible to a wider range of users. Two range-finding technologies, LIDAR and ultrasound were investigated during the design process. Several key metrics were used in the evaluation of the design: total cost below $500 CAD, accuracy of scans within 2 cm of real dimensions, simplicity of use and assembly for non- technical users, reliable supply chain for components, scan times, as well as open-source compliant hardware and software. The design was determined to be successful by these metrics. All software and hardware sources have been released online for free public access.

Department: Engineering

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Philip Mees and Dr. Jeffrey Davis