Analysing and documenting mathematics content of Canadian early learning frameworks


  • Tori Vail MacEwan University


Children’s early numeracy knowledge and skills is one of the most important predictor of children’s future school achievement and success in life. Children’s early experiences in learning environments are also crucial in shaping their educational paths. Early childhood educators across Canada explore and learn from early learning and childcare frameworks to enrich their pedagogical planning. Our goal was to explore these curriculum framework’s suggestions for educators. This research is preliminary and provides documentation of mathematical ideas and suggestions in Early Learning and Childcare frameworks across Canada. Our analysis across 10 curriculum frameworks suggested that Prince Edward Island framework is one of the most detailed and specific with mathematical explorations and play opportunities, that is also closely aligned with current early numeracy research. Our conclusions point to the importance of offering children specific mathematical experiences in the early years through guided play.

Department: Human Services & Early Learning

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ozlem Cankaya





Human Services and Early Learning