Texture Classification of Manito Lake Stromatolites


  • Ranen Calvert MacEwan University


Information on stromatolite formation and development has been evolving as more examples are examined. Manito Lake located near the western border of Saskatchewan is a saline lake that exhibits many different forms of stromatolites and microbialites, mostly developed throughout the Holocene. Upon looking at the textures of these various recent stromatolites, comparisons can be made between the different textures and their formation processes. To accomplish this, thin sections were taken from various microbialites in the Manito lake area and examined under a Zeiss Axio Scope A1 petrographic microscope. Each sample was analysed for microbial and crystal textures typical of stromatolite growth observed in ancient and modern settings in order to assign a classification to each sample. They were also looked at for the presence of organic matter to test correlation between these organics and the crystalline structures. As stromatolite textural classification becomes more common and widespread, it will also become easier for comparisons to be made across samples. Along with this, further understanding of texture can assist in understanding the true nature of stromatolite formation processes.

Department: Physical Sciences

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Hilary Corlett





Physical Sciences