Indigenous Beading Knowledge in context of International Social Work Research


  • Caren Robinson MacEwan University


Our poster presents the phases of our research and firsthand results of data analysis through beadwork. Our study involved three semi-interviews with local Indigenous artists to explore from their perspective about how their own cultural identity expressed through beadwork can inform social work practice. As a social worker with a Cree-Metis background and co-investigator, this study allows me to connect with my own Indigenous ways of knowing while incorporating non- westernized ways of learning in my social work practice. The poster will focus on 1) presenting the study’s phases, 2) introducing the firsthand results of the participants’ understanding of beadwork from their perspective and 3) opening the reflection around how beadwork can contribute to a culturally centered way of learning and practicing social work. Our poster’s purpose is to open the dialogue for cultural identity grounded social work practice by creating space for a decolonized framework.

School of Social Work

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Somnoma Valerie Ouedraogo