Beyond Bullets: How Ukrainian Families are Being Impacted by the Russian Invasion of 2022


  • Dallas Bilyk MacEwan University


This research topic will explore the detrimental effects that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has had on families beginning on February 24th, 2022. Following the violent attacks by Russian troops, the citizens of targeted Ukrainian cities have started to evacuate and seek refuge in the western parts of the country and neighbouring countries. The sudden displacement of millions of people has put an intense strain on families. Sociologically, this war will impair how families will be able to function for generations which will have a severe impact on familial dynamics and interactions. The war can be analyzed utilizing a conflict perspective, as it has been manufactured to benefit Russians and inflict long-term traumatic effects on Ukrainian citizens.

As Ukrainian troops come together to defend their country against Russian forces, many consequences of war may occur, but this project will focus on the existence of intergenerational trauma, patriarchy, and migration. The family structures of both Ukraine and Russia will be significantly transformed because of the invasion, whether that be the extended families that exist between the two countries' borders or the millions of displaced individuals and families that are forced to separate from their loved ones due to living within a war zone.

Department: Sociology 

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michael Gulayets