Ukrainian Students' Involvement in Russia's War on Ukraine


  • Alyssa Dechant MacEwan University


In the context of world history, university students have played an essential role in advocating for change. Student activism as a phenomenon is seen throughout history, ranging from American student involvement against the Vietnam War, Tiananmen Square in China, Germany's Velvet Revolution and Egypt's Arab Springs. This presentation explores student involvement in Ukraine during Russia's invasion by analyzing university students' active roles, including supporting and supplying resources for refugees and soldiers, raising a cyber militia to fight Russian disinformation and international calls for action. This examination compares the theoretical background of why students mobilize and contrast theory to what we currently see in Ukraine. This analysis concludes by examining the impact and implications of students' involvement in this conflict by measuring current societal and political change.

Department: Sociology 

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michael Gulayets