Racially Bias Media Representation of the War in Ukraine and the Impact on our Empathetic Responses


  • Madelaine Jacknisky MacEwan University


This study examines the media representation of the war in Ukraine and compares it to media representation of other global conflicts. This research recognizes the influence that media can have on society's reactions to global events and sought to examine the responses of Canadians to the war in Ukraine. Two primary themes were identified within the media content that highlight significant racial discrepancies. These discrepancies exist in the way this war is covered and discussed in comparison to wars where we do not see white civilians as the primary victim.

These themes are outlined and referred to throughout this study as “shock value” and “a focus on personal stories”. Canada's response and levels of empathy for the victims of the war in Ukraine also differ significantly from that of other wars, both on the individual and institutional levels.

Department: Sociology 

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michael Gulayets