Performance Activism within Contemporary Political Conflicts and Social Movements: Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine


  • Maya Stephens MacEwan University


While activism within political and global conflicts is not a new concept, it has changed immensely since the introduction of digital technology and the widespread availability of information from across the globe. This presentation explores performance activism, which can be seen as outward support for a cause often driven by personal and social gain. This presentation examines the role of performance activism within Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and whether this type of activism has a place within these conflicts, or if this virtue signalling is solely ego-driven. The analysis compares support for Ukraine with previous social movements and explains that while outward support may decrease; realized consequences still come from these movements. This presentation discusses how performative activism, while seemingly pointless does have a place in contemporary political and social movements.

Department: Sociology

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michael Gulayets