The Hundred Homes Initiative - “Attempting to end poverty; starting with 100 loving Homes”


  • Lisa Muyambo MacEwan University
  • Maryanne Muyambo MacEwan University


Poverty can be thought of as not having enough money, funds, or income to afford the basic necessity of life. Optimistic individuals claim there have been many successes in addressing and improving poverty around the world. This can be credited to the great effort of economic, political, social and even environmental solutions that have been implemented globally to address the issues of poverty. However, pessimistic individuals question the millions of individuals that have been left out of the economic growth and poverty alleviation. Some go as far as addressing the winners of administering unfair, exploitative measures to reach their levels of comfortability. A multitude of literature and research purposes: major funding of government programs, wealth redistribution and equity are the main solutions. However, what are the roles and responsibilities that the family, community, and the overall middle class must play in order to address the issue of poverty as well is further explored in this report. The main purpose of this research paper is to address the failures of the past, the improvements that are needed and how society can overall re-imagining the social welfare system.

Department: Political Science 

Faculty Mentor: Chris Hancock