The cannabis terpene bisabolol increased locomotion but had no affect on anxiety-like behaviour in zebrafish


  • James Hudson MacEwan University


Terpenes are fragrant compounds found in many animals and plants, giving them their pigment, smell and taste. They are also the main components of essential oils. Bisabolol is one terpene commonly found in certain strains of cannabis, sage, and chamomile that has been shown to have potential anxiolytic effects. This study investigated the effect of different concentrations of bisabolol (0.001%, 0.0015%, 0.002%) on anxiety-like behaviour and locomotion in zebrafish using the open field and novel object approach tests. Bisabolol increased zebrafish locomotion at the highest concentration of bisabolol (0.002%) but did not significantly affect anxiety-like behaviour at any concentration. In conclusion, this study shows that bisabolol increases locomotion at the highest concentration used here (0.002%) but does not affect anxiety-like behaviour in zebrafish.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Trevor Hamilton